Preppy BUT Affordable OOTD

Hi everyone! Thought I’d share my outfit of the day. This is a preppy school girl sort of outfit. It is super affordable! Everything is from TJ Maxx except the top which is from Walmart. Click here to see the outfit in action!



Affordable OOTD part 2!

I spent much of my 20’s working as a stylist at a local boutique. This meant I was able to indulge in many luxurious and exclusive fashion lines. HOWEVER now as a stay at home mom of two boys I find that I like to be stylish but I need that to be flexible, accessible, and affordable. Linked below is my part 2 of the affordable OOTD I did a couple weeks ago. As always, remember that you can be stylish and fashionable without breaking the bank. I hope you enjoy! Happy Monday! 🙂

 Affordable OOTD Part 2

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SUPER Affordable Outfit!

With fashion changing constantly who wants to spend an arm and a leg on clothes? I sure don’t! Especially now that I am a mom. But you don’t have to brake the bank to be stylish, that is for sure! Below is an outfit I threw together that cost $40 minus the jewelry.

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I snagged the top from Walmart (yes, walmart) and I purchased the leggings and boots from TJ Maxx. Maxinista in the house!

To see the outfit live click here! 

Have a fabulous day!