Fashion Inspiration, Natural Skincare, & Staying Positive ~ Q&A!

Hello friends! I just posted my Q&A video on my youtube channel…thanks so much for asking such fun questions for me to answer! I enjoyed making this one and hope you get to know me a bit better through it. Click here to watch the Q&A.

The questions I answer:
What do you like most about living in Wisconsin and what do you miss about Houston?
What is your favorite thing to do with your boys?
What is your favorite self-care activity?
Go-to Starbucks drink?
Who or what is your fashion inspiration?
What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
What TV shows do you like?
Where are your favorite places to shop?
How do you stay positive?
Would you consider doing a cooking film? For example is love to see how you make your over night oats.
Can you do a skin care, hair and make up routine? You always look amazing.

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I Tried Sushi!

Can you believe I am 31 and have never tried sushi?!? I figured that I couldn’t be a proper foodie without having experienced it so last night I did…it was DELICIOUS! I am a fan.

If you’d like to watch me take my first bite here is my vlog documenting the experience- Riding the Trolley & Trying Sushi


Veggie Roll: Sesame Seed, Rice, Seaweed, Avocado, Cucumber, & Carrots

Pork Potstickers….YUM!!!!

Simple Peppermint Treat

If your like me, after Christmas you are knee deep in candy canes with no real possibility of finishing them all. Plus you have no desire to run to the grocery store to purchase the ingredients to make a complicated recipe you discovered on pinterest.  Well I have a SUPER simple peppermint treat you can prepare using things you already have in your cupboard. It really couldn’t be any more quick and easy!

peppermint treat

This took me 10 minutes to whip up and then an hour to freeze. A perfect desert for tonight!

  • Line your pan with full size gram crackers or make your own gram cracker crust…I used gram crackers because they were just sitting in my cupboard and I wanted to make this as simple as humanly possible. 😉
  • Mix 1 c of milk and a pack of fudge pudding powder (or whatever pudding powder you have…fudge tastes EXCELLENT though)
  • Spread the fudge on top of the gram crackers
  • Spread whipped cream on top of the fudge
  • Top it with crushed peppermint
  • Freeze for about 1 hour



Hello everyone, welcome to my little area of the internet! I’ve been having a blast posting photo’s to instagram and decided to extend my content into a blog. Faith, family, fashion, and food are a few of my passions so you will find plenty of posts centered around these topics. I am committed to fully living the time of grace I’ve been blessed with…Join me as I explore life and its many adventures!