Fashion Inspiration, Natural Skincare, & Staying Positive ~ Q&A!

Hello friends! I just posted my Q&A video on my youtube channel…thanks so much for asking such fun questions for me to answer! I enjoyed making this one and hope you get to know me a bit better through it. Click here to watch the Q&A.

The questions I answer:
What do you like most about living in Wisconsin and what do you miss about Houston?
What is your favorite thing to do with your boys?
What is your favorite self-care activity?
Go-to Starbucks drink?
Who or what is your fashion inspiration?
What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
What TV shows do you like?
Where are your favorite places to shop?
How do you stay positive?
Would you consider doing a cooking film? For example is love to see how you make your over night oats.
Can you do a skin care, hair and make up routine? You always look amazing.

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The Seasons Of Life

The seasons of life…this is a concept I have found myself pondering a lot during my life journey. It is one of the best ways I have come to accept and even embrace change. Life will not be leaner nor will it be stagnant. There will be wonderful twists and turns. There will be times for introversion and a time to get out and experience the world. There will be times that my job is to take care of others and times that I lean on others to take care of me. Times for work and times for play. Times for laughter and times for tears. There have been some major shifts so far on my journey, and there will continue to be. The key is to embrace the change rather than run from it. Open my arms to uncertainty knowing that there is a bigger plan I am a part of.

Happy New Year!

It’s hard to believe another New Year is upon us! And although I am not a huge believer in making New Years Resolutions, I do want to make a conscious effort to count all the little blessings that God has given me…especially the ones that tend to fly under the radar.

Currently I am sitting in my cozy living room with my favorite candle lit, watching a movie with my boys. Our bellies full from our delicious New Years Eve dinner and our hearts are full from our family celebration. This NYE is peaceful but 2016 has a lot in store for us, I can feel it!

How are you ringing in 2016?

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Hello everyone, welcome to my little area of the internet! I’ve been having a blast posting photo’s to instagram and decided to extend my content into a blog. Faith, family, fashion, and food are a few of my passions so you will find plenty of posts centered around these topics. I am committed to fully living the time of grace I’ve been blessed with…Join me as I explore life and its many adventures!