The First Day Of School!

A little piece of my heart left my body yesterday while I said goodbye to my babies as they entered the world of school. It seems like just yesterday I was praying to have them…that I was begging God to bless me with them. And now they are school aged! How time flies. What awesome little boys they have become, so brave and so sweet. I don’t think they were one bit nervous today as I dropped them off. Jonah gave me a hug and went to work on a project at the table. Jason asked me if I could stay but that desire was short lived once he noticed the other kids having fun. I tried to not let my sadness show. I wanted them to have the best time and I wanted them to know that their mommy would be okay…they didn’t need to be worried about me on their big day.

After school I took them out for ice cream and they can told me all the exciting things they learned. I am thankful they have an amazing school to attend. I am glad I have some extra time to myself. Yet, I still missed them. I guess that is just a mommy’s love and connection. Who knew I could be such a softy!

To watch our first day of school vlog click here!



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