Learning To Love My Self(ie)

It’s been a journey for me, but I have gradually learned to love myself. Even so, there are still days that I struggle; days that I find myself in less than a positive mood. Those are the times I know that I need to be extra kind and extend myself grace.

So what did I do today when I woke up in a funk? I strapped on my favorite floral crown, went outside where the lighting is perfection, and had a little selfie photo session. And you know what? This simple act actually helped! It put me in a creative mood and took me out of my pessimistic funk. What was there to be down about when the sun was shining, I was wearing flowers, and I had a bunch of great selfies?

Sometimes it is honestly the little things that add up to create self love. Of course, big action is required as well, but never over look the small things that can be done! For me, this was a great start to flipping my attitude around.




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