The “You Can’t Love Others Before You Love Yourself” myth.

I’m going to call BS on the popular concept of needing to love yourself before you love others. I find that to be a wildly untrue and problematic statement.

A person is simply not unworthy or incapable of loving based on their own struggle. If that were true hardly anyone could love because self love is an ever changing concept for each individual and we have all been through troubling times.

Chances are we each have had difficulties loving ourselves on some level…yet that didn’t make our feelings for a loved one diminish. I’ve had my personal issues with self love but through this journey I can say with out a shadow of a doubt I have deeply loved my husband and my two boys. Yes, self love has been an area I am flawed. But I haven’t let that prevent me from falling in complete, head over heels love three times.

I guess what I am trying to say is don’t let your struggles stop you

from living.

from feeling.

from loving. 

You deserve to show love and to receive love even if self love is hard for you.

Did I say the word love enough in this paragraph? 😉



4 thoughts on “The “You Can’t Love Others Before You Love Yourself” myth.

  1. I can’t recall which book it was in, but basically they had the same conclusion, that that overused saying was wrong, but rather that we have to be loved first in order to know how to love.


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