My week in pics.

Some may think my life is not as exciting now that I’ve exited the world of fashion (for now) and committed myself to being a stay-at-home-mom. But honestly, my boys fill the weeks with a lot of joy! My life is insurmountably different than life before kids, but it is special in its own way. I wouldn’t change the season of life I am in currently. Here is our week in pictures!


Trips to the park were plentiful

heart hot

Heart Hot Chocolate was enjoyed


A trip to the mall for mommy and a ride in the fire truck for the boys…win win!

donuts were enjoyed

Donuts were consumed because we’ve found the PERFECT bakery

What were you up to this week? Any exciting plans for this weekend? My family and I are huge football fans so we will be celebrating Super Bowl Sunday like it is a legit holiday. We are Packer fans but they are not in the big game this year…so we are going for the Panthers. Who are you cheering for?


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